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Ferguson T20 In Detail  

Author: Michael Thorne

Harry Ferguson was a remarkable inventor and a man of vision. Aside from his innovations in mechanized agriculture he designed a four-wheel drive system for road cars and created inspired design solutions to a wealth of engineering problems. Yet he is best remembered for the small, unobtrusive gray tractor that bears his name. Launched in the late 1940s, it rendered its competitors obsolete and provided farmers with a tool that could meet almost all their requirements. The book starts with Harry FergusonŽs early work on tractors and his development of the system, and his collaboration with Ford in the USA on the development of the Ford 9N tractor. Then comes an in-depth study of the TE20. Later chapters cover the TVO- and diesel-powered versions, American- and French-built Fergusons, industrial models, special-purpose variants, and conversions including four-wheel-drive and high-clearance models. There is an extensive study of the extraordinary range of implements available, with information also on tractor options and accessories.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Jamie Sheldon
Introduction and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 Harry Ferguson The Man
Chapter 2 The Ford-Ferguson
Chapter 3 The First TE20
Chapter 4 The TVO and Lamp Oil Versions
Chapter 5 Diesel Versions
Chapter 6 The American-built Ferguson TO20
Chapter 7 Ferguson in France
Chapter 8 The Ferguson TE20 Overseas
Chapter 9 Industrial Fergusons
Chapter 10 Conversions
Chapter 11 Implements
Chapter 12 Options and Accessories
Chapter 13 The LTX
Chapter 14 With the TE20 to the South Pole
Chapter 15 TE20 ownership today
Chapter 16 Ferguson Spin-offs
Appendix 1 Identifying your TE20
Appendix 2 Specifications
Appendix 3 Suppliers and Dealers

Format: Hardbound
Pages: 176
Length: 8.625w x 10.875h
Price $54.95

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