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101 Uses for an Old John Deere  
Who knew there were so many uses for old John Deere tractors? We’ve gleaned 101 fun, amusing ideas for interesting uses for that old Johnny Popper sitting in the yard or rusting in the field.
Classic Deere Tractors
The ideal introduction to collectible John Deere farm tractors, "Classic Deere Tractors" combines detailed captions with quality color photography, rare archival images, and classic brochures.
How to Restore Classic John Deere Tractors
Finally! A restoration guide with the kind of detail needed for a first-class job. "How To Restore Classic John Deere Tractors" is packed with hundreds of helpful full-color photographs, proven tips and techniques, and money-saving advice from restorers who know what works . . . and what doesn’t.
John Deere  
This is a new series created for younger tractor enthusiasts ages 10 and up. They incorporate a flashy style that's sure to keep a kid's attention.
John Deere GP Tractors:A History in Pictures  
These big, green machines are popular all over the country, and especially beloved are the two-cylinder, General Purpose models known as "Johnny Poppers" for the distinctive "pop-pop" of their engines.
John Deere Industrials  
Ranging from simple model variations to those machines built for specific purposes, this industrial-grade volume chronicles the "other line" of John Deere machinery.
John Deere Model A
One of John Deeres most successful tractors, the Model A is thoroughly chronicled in this color tribute.
John Deere Tractor Data Book
This handy, pocket-sized guide provides all the information youre looking for on tractor serial numbers, engine, carburetor and magneto codes, specifications, decal placement, options and more.
John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractor Buyer's Guide  
John Deere Two-Cylinder Buyer's Guide is a must for collectors who are looking to purchase a two-cylinder tractor. Information about pricing, parts availablitity, and collectibility is available for every two-cylinder model.
John Deere: A History of the Tractor
For any fan of John Deere tractors or the history of farming in America, this officially-licensed book is a fantastic journey of an icon over 150 years in the making, now available in a quality trade paperback.
John Deere: A History of the Tractor   
For nearly 90 years, Deere & Company has set the bar for tractor design and ingenuity.Look back at the rich history of America's premiere tractors, the people who built them, and the company they represent.
Original John Deere Letter Series Tractors, 1923-1954  
Each chapter features exhaustive data, color photography depicting handsomely restored tractors in evocative settings and up-close detail shots. Covers industrial tractors and crawlers, as well as agricultural models.
The Big Book of John Deere Tractors  
The ultimate encyclopedia of John Deere tractors from around the world, The Big Book of John Deere Tractors is a model-by-model historical reference to John Deere tractors – from their beginning in 1892 until today.
The Complete John Deere  
This book provides a highly illustrated review of all the great John Deeres, including rare prototypes.
The John Deere Legacy  
This comprehensive history of the man, his company, and his legacy includes a biography of John Deere, plus excerpts from the writings of Deere engineers and historians.
The Little Book of John Deere  
The Little Book of John Deere book pays tribute to this famous manufacturer by combining fabulous four-color photographs, historical black-and-white photographs, vintage brochures along with detailed captions.
The World's Greatest John Deere Tractor Poster Book
With 43 full-color posters of classic and modern John Deere tractors, these posters are ideal for the collection of boys both young and old.
This Old John Deere:A Treasury of Vintage Tractors and Family Farm Memories  
Stories--ranging from the first ride upon a John Deere to the fateful day when the team of horses was replaced by the shiny new Johnny Popper.
Ultimate John Deere  
Tells the story of John Deere tractors, and of the company’s founder and other key personnel involved in their development. This comprehensive volume also covers the development of the Corn Belt, as well as the competition among tractor makers and Deere sales methods.
Classic John Deere Tractors  
Detailed coverage from the first Waterloo Boys through the development of the Poppin Johnny two-cylinder Models D, A, GP, B to 1960.
Designing the New Generation John Deere Tractors
See for yourself how the lines on the drawing board turned into actual iron and rubber! This insiders account takes you behind the scenes and tells the history of how and why the "New Generation" program came into being.
How to Restore John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractors  
Everything from a basic teardown and inspection to paint and polish is covered in easy-to-follow, photo-sequenced steps. Youll even be able to determine what jobs you can tackle yourself and which ones you should farm out to specialists.
Inside John Deere:A Factory History  
From forging plows to modern day, this is a unique behind-the-scenes look inside the John Deere Factory.
John Deere Buggies and Wagons  
From 100-year-old letters, sales literature and farm magazine ads, the full story of John Deeres horse-drawn vehicles is told.
John Deere New Generation Tractors  
Presented in archival photographs and ads, as well as contemporary color photography, this volume presents an inside look at how the tractors were designed and conceived, and discusses the managerial strife that made the New Generation (1960-72) tractors possible.
John Deere Photographic History  
This exceptional photographic collection reveals the entire history and development of the big green machines in the John Deere arsenal.
John Deere Tractors and Equipment, 1837-1959
Macmillan chronicles the history of John Deere as it relates to product line expansion and development from the time of the plow to Deeres first diesel.
John Deere Tractors Worldwide:A Century of Progress, 1893-1993  
If John Deere tractors are your passion, youll want this book! Travel around the globe, beginning in the US, through Europe and on to Central America and the Southern Hemisphere.
John Deere Tractors, 1918-1994  
Reprint of a history of John Deere models published by John Deere. Includes 75 illustrations and a chart listing serial numbers and dates of production.
John Deere Tractors:The First Generation  
From the Waterloo Boy to the 30 Series, each model is described in its historical context, includes information such as production numbers and specifications.
John Deere Two Cylinder Tractors  
This ECS concentrates on how these tractors fit into the John Deere company, nation, and world between 1918 and 1960. Timelines highlight important dates in the nation and worlds history in relation to the introduction of two-cylinder models and series.
John Deere:The Classic American Tractor  
From the D, GP and B models to the Waterloo Boy, Dain All-Wheel Drive and the Tractivator, to the New Generation Orchard and Hi-Crop models, this book chronicles a bountiful harvest of John Deere classics.
Small John Deere Tractors
This color history covers John Deeres entries in the market, namely its extremely popular two-cylinder models: the L, LA, M, MC, 40, 420, 320, 430, and 330. Today, these models are some of the most popular among the old-tractor crowd.
Standard Catalog of John Deere Tractors 1917-1972  
Listings for each model produced between 1917 and 1972 include features, history, original price, variations of the model, Nebraska Test data and serial numbers.
The Field Guide to John Deere Tractors  
This convenient, easy-to-use guide puts a wealth of information right into your hands! Youll find brief histories, model runs, specification details, and eye-catching color photographs of more than 500 models.


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